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Why You Shouldn't Talk to the Other Insurance Company

Why You Shouldn't Talk to the Other Insurance Company

Within days of an injury claim, you will get a call from the insurance company regarding their negligent responsible party. They do this not just to gather information but also to use it against you!

 If you talk to them it should be limited to your car damage and you should never allow it to be recorded. They are not on your side and will only try and use it against you later.

 We have had many clients over 30 years that have gotten confused when giving statements sometimes and honestly say a day or two after an accident that they were not injured, only then to realizing a few days or weeks later that they need surgery from the accident.

You for the same reason should never settle your case quickly as it often takes time to realize the full nature and extent of your injuries.

 Insurance company reps greatly prefer to deal just with you and avoid lawyers. This really is the reason you work with a skilled attorney - to present your case in as strong a light as possible.

 Let us handle these calls on your behalf to protect you!

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