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Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories


Case: Injured in a car accident Details: Head- on collision with multiple injuries with only $100,000 of auto insurance coverage. We found another responsible party not driving or owner of the vehicle. They paid client $4.5 Million.

Offer from Insurance Company before Mark took the case: $100,000

Settlement after Mark took the case: $4.5 Million  


Case: Slip and Fall at Wal-Mart Details: Client slipped on a French fry in Wal-Mart and suffered a tear in her knee ACL. Jury found Wal-Mart responsible and awarded $725,000 with no wage loss and medical bills of only $42,000.

Pre-trial Offer: $0

Jury Verdict: $725,000


Case: Case: Slip and Fall on Private Property Details: client slipped on landlord's driveway while taking out her garbage. She had a badly sprained wrist that did not require surgery. Only had physical therapy bills of $12,000 without wage loss claim

Pre-trial Offer: $0

Jury Verdict: $270,000


 Case: Injured in multi-vehicle collision two commercial trucks, one a cement truck and the other a big rig

 Worker's Compensation for lost wages and medical expenses : $282,000

Settlement after Mark took the case: $3.75 Million