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Tom Nelson

Tom Nelson

Location: Modesto,

Phone: 209-529-0995

Fax: 209-529-6207

Email: Tom Nelson

Professional Duties

  • Screening Incoming Cases
  • Meeting with clients
  • Settlement Negotiations
  • Office Management




Meet Tom Nelson

Tom is very passionate when it comes to helping our clients get fully compensated for their personal injuries. He has worked with his brother Mark S. Nelson for over 32 years. He is tireless when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of our clients. Tom meets with our potential clients for their initial appointment and is very detailed and informative and will help put our clients at ease that they choice the right attorney’s office to help resolve their case. .


Tom began his career in 1989 with his brother Mark. When Tom finished college he went into the insurance business. He sold insurance for over 7 years and was very successful. His brother Mark knew that he was compassionate and understood the needs of his customers and wanted Tom to work with him. Tom agreed to come to work for the law office and has never regretted his decision in the least. You will always find Tom with a big smile on his face and a sincere love for life. When Tom is not working at the law office you will most likely find him on the golf course. He has played completive golf since high school. He was born and raised in Oakdale, California, and played golf on the Oakdale golf team for 4 years. He also enjoys baseball, football, and the outdoors.


“A client doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Our Legal Team:  
Mark S. Nelson, Attorney   -   Ali Vincent, Paralegal