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Big Rig Crashes

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  • Mark S. Nelson


Justice For Injured Parties ...

Our law firm is proud to level the playing fields for those injured by the wrongs of other people and business that harm our clients.

Our commitment to you is to work hard to make sure you and your family are fully compensated for the injuries that you receive, including all past, present and future pain and discomfort, medical bills and lost wages.

Catastrophic Truck Accident Injuries

Few parts of the country have the kind of heavy truck traffic that California's Central Valley has. Most drivers are hardworking people doing their best to meet safety standards on the road. But the exceptions to this rule have terrible outcomes: Tractor-trailers and other big rigs don't just crash, they kill. Big truck accidents make car accidents look minor by comparison.

We know the causes of big rig crashes. They include drivers who are exhausted, poorly trained or improperly credentialed. Some are drunk or on drugs. Some are felons and would not be behind the wheel, except that the truck company needed a driver.

Common commercial vehicle accident causes include brake failure, ignored safety checks and unbalanced loads that contribute to rollovers.

We Want What You Want ~ Justice

When you are struck by a semi truck and seek compensation, you will be up against a powerful industry and a team of attorneys. They don't care what or whom you've lost. Their only goal is to minimize your recovery.

You need a lawyer who does care about you and your future and is aware of the insurance company's ploys to deny, delay or diminish your rightful compensation.

Our lawyers are skilled in gathering evidence and making strong case presentations. We know how trucking companies cut corners to meet schedules. We know how insurance companies think, and we have come out on top with maximum compensation in almost every case.

Maximum compensation is our goal, whether the case involves minor or moderate injury, catastrophic injury or wrongful death.
  1. Decades of experience
  2. Skills for winning at trial and in negotiated settlements
  3. Advanced investigative and accident reconstruction skills through our experts
  4. A personal commitment to getting you the money you need to heal and go forward

We invite you to examine some of the results we have obtained and to call us for a no-charge, no-obligation case evaluation