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Answers To Your Questions About Personal Injury

How good is my case?

If you were injured physically, mentally or emotionally as a result of another's conduct, the law almost always has a remedy for you to receive just and fair compensation. However, many times finding the right defendant who has sufficient assets and/or insurance to compensate our clients requires innovative, creative research.

As an example, one client who was seriously injured in an automobile accident was offered the responsible driver's insurance limits of $100,000 before she hired our firm. After considerable effort, we were able to obtain a $4.5 million settlement for her from a different defendant who was held legally responsible even though that defendant was not directly involved in the accident

What about fees?

At the Law Office of Mark S. Nelson, you are never asked to pay any fee or even reimbursement of our out-of-pocket expenses in handling your file while we research compensation for your injuries. Before pursuing your claim, we will agree upon a reasonable percentage rate that is applied only to the money you recover.

What am I allowed to recover under the law?

Under the law, an injured person is entitled to all economic damages, including past and future medical treatment and past and future income loss, as well as general damages, including all past and future physical pain and mental and emotional distress. In some circumstances, you may also be entitled to punitive damages to punish the defendant for what the law considers to be bad conduct.

How can I figure what my case is worth?

There is no set formula to determine the value of your case. If the case doesn't settle (which rarely happens), its value is determined by a 12-member jury. I often tell my clients that a personal injury case is like reading a new book or watching a new movie. There are twists and turns involving both the facts and damages, and clients must be patient to receive the true value of their claim. Any attorney who says otherwise is either inexperienced or dishonest.

So why should I pick the Law Offices of Mark S. Nelson?

Our experienced lawyers have a total of 75-plus years helping injured people and their families. We have always been in Northern California and the Central Valley and, as a result, are well-known and respected by our local judges, local attorneys who refer us their injury cases and insurance companies that know from court cases and friends that we will do everything we can to be successful for our clients.


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